Monday, October 19, 2015

Family Photos: The Magic of Fall In the Midwest

The Midwest never ceases to impress me with its beauty. I could be biased, sure, but each new season brings with it a sense of magic that makes you feel and see things in a different way. It's as if the world wakes up again.

And fall in the Midwest? Well, that's an especially magical time. The smells (burning leaves!) and sights (pumpkins!) remind me so much of my childhood, and every year, I can't help but revel in the awesome photos my mom snaps. She's got a way of capturing fall perfectly through the lens of her smartphone, a skill I have yet to master.
This year, she even upped her game with these photos of calming fall clouds.
And this sunset!!! Ahhh, I can feel the peacefulness radiating from the photo!

What's fall like in your neck of the woods, friends? Have you done many fall activities yet? What's your favorite part of the season? xoxo

P.S. More fall photos and our trip to the apple orchard a few years ago! :)

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