Tuesday, October 13, 2015

South Carolina Barn Wedding

For their "I Do" details, Mary and Max rolled up their sleeves and planned a sweet DIY affair. The result? A beautiful day surrounded by family, sunshine and nature.

They chose to have the reception at the Dutch Barn, just outside of Greenville, partly because it was a scenic locale that was off the beaten path. "This venue was completely DIY. It had a floor and a roof, but was an entirely blank slate," Mary says. We had a lot of fun making every detail our own. Max is an architect, so he drafted the entire plan of our seating chart and sketched out the space. It was such a dream bringing our vision to life together from scratch."

Fun fact: When Mary's sister (also the maid of honor) got the role of a lifetime in her college's play, the show dates conflicted with the wedding. Knowing how important it was to have her sister by her side, the couple decided to have the reception first and the wedding ceremony the next day. Take that, tradition!

Of the ceremony itself, which took place in a church overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains, Mary says: "It was 100-percent what we wanted it to be, and was an expression of our relationship and love for each other. The support from our family and friends was palpable, and the ceremony felt so intimate."

Sigh, isn't that romantic, friends? What a sweet story, and I love how they incorporated such meaningful, personal places into the ceremony and reception. Plus, you can't really beat that view of the mountains! xoxo

[Photography by Olivia Rae James, via Snippet & Ink]

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