Thursday, October 29, 2015

Three Fun Things For Halloween

With the year's spookiest holiday just two short days away, I suppose it's only appropriate that the weather matches that same vibe/feel. But have no fear! The Internet has been nailing it this week with a bunch of fun Halloween-themed posts. Here, three great home, decor and food finds, starting with Remodelista's round-up of darkly moody houses -- they sort of remind me of that one scary house on the block that you were always afraid to stop at for candy...

Yahoo! surveyed readers to answer that all-important question once and for all: What is your favorite Halloween candy? I'm not at all peanut butter cups come out on top -- they're my favorite too! You? Sadly, it looks like licorice didn't get much love...
...and this gorgeous trick or treat crescent moon silver moon decor ($57 from Etsy shop SlippinSouthern)

Now if you'll excuse me, a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup is a-calling my name (and yes, I did just use the word 'a-calling')! Are you all set for Halloween, friends? Got your costume picked out? I'd love to hear! xoxo

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  1. I almost forgot, but peanut butter cups are a favorite of mine for Halloween too. Yum. I'm going to see if my daughter can score some free candy, haha.

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