Friday, October 09, 2015

Have a marvelous weekend

Happy Friday, friends! Who's ready for a long, relaxing weekend? Got anything exciting planned? I've been out and about quite a lot this week, so it will be nice to have some quality time at home. We've really been into playing rummy lately -- something we've taken to playing just before dinner. Hope you all have a great weekend, and here are my favorite finds from the wonderful Web...

Great round-up of romantic comedies from the last 15 years.

Social media tips for bloggers.

Peanut butter oatmeal cookies remind me of childhood.

Lip glosses for your inner teenager.

5 things every well-designed room needs.

Oreo macarons, anyone?

Speaking of careers, which TV workplace is right for you?

Yes!!! Writers at The Huffington Post have formed a committee to unionize!

Want to become a morning person? This article might help.

More and more women are turning to newsletters online.

11 questions emotionally intelligent leaders ask themselves.

Midwest is best.

Blake Lively's Gossip Girl audition.

Sara Bareilles wrote a book and it looks AWESOME!

What one blogger learned after four years.

One of my favorite '80s's been my go-to shower song lately!

Instagram's first-ever ranking of its most popular accounts.

Pumpkin pancakes, anyone?

Your relationship with your mom is a magical, complicated one.

Don't lose yourself in a relationship...

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[Photo via That Kind of Woman]


  1. Hello there! I 'm going pumpkin shopping for the first time! So exciting! Can't wait to make all the recipes and carve the pumpkin :) <3
    Oreo macarons? Yes please! And these pumpkin pancakes look delish! ;)

  2. I am so ready for this weekend!!! Woohoo! Also, I love that you link to other blogger's posts. That's awesome! Have a great day :)

  3. Hi! Thanks so much for including Attract The One's article about losing yourself in a relationship on your list! I'm the editor there.

    I've lurked on your site and really enjoyed it for a long while :).


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