Monday, November 02, 2015

Fall Fashion Do or Don't: Statement Tights

One thing I've learned since falling in love with fall fashion over the years (see my little pun there?) is just how unique it can be. Me? I'm a huge fan of the oversize sweaters (ahh, another pun!) and anything plaid, but apparently statement tights are a thing. Not only are they fall's most practical trend, according to Fashionista, but there are a bunch of funky and cool ways to personalize them this year! Need a bit more convincing? Here are six of my favorite tight trends...
Dot tights, $6.99
Floral tights, $3.49
Neighborhood tights, $28.96
Gold polka dot tights, $35
Bird tights, $28.96
Heart tights, $14.50

Well, friends, would you be game to get a leg up on the trend (pun #3...!)? Is it a Do or a Don't? What is your favorite statement style and what other fall fashion advice do you have for readers? Hope you're having a great Monday! xoxo


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