Monday, November 09, 2015

Dream Home: New Jungle-Inspired Wallpaper

Designer and artist extraordinaire Justina Blakeney just released her newest wallpaper collection with Hygge & West, and needless to say, it's all gorgeous! Blakeney's colorful bohemian style comes through perfectly in all 22 designs.

"One of the reasons I was over-the-moon excited to work with H&W was the paper quality," she wrote on her blog. "I’ve used their papers in several design projects and love that they’re screen-printed by hand in the U.S.. They also really get color and have great metallic options. The first time I saw and then touched my wallpapers I was like “YES!!” a serious dreams do come true kinda moment."

And with fun, pick-me-up names like Cosmic Desert, Vitamin C, Nana and Fez, there's sure to be something to brighten anyone's space...

Blakeney certainly summed it up when she called the line "very jungalicious." YES! Very jungalicious indeed. I'm in love, aren't you, friends? Makes me want to escape to the deep jungles of the Amazon! Check out the full collection and let me know your favorite wallpaper in the comments! xoxo

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