Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New Series: Tuesday Tunes (Or. My Life Through Song)

I've lived and breathed music for as long as I can remember. It marked my childhood at every turn.

There were the early days of listening to oldies on the old-fashioned car radio on our way to the hospital in Chicago. There were those magical moments of falling in love with Simon and Garfunkel as my father played us "I Am A Rock" on his record player for the first time. There were the hours spent memorizing Beatles lyrics with my sister and putting all our spare change in our 'Beatles Jar' because we were saving up to buy all their CDs -- for the record (pun intended), we managed to buy almost every single one. And there were the times I laughed when my father knew all the names of the members from *Nsync and Backstreet Boys and proclaimed that Lance was his favorite of the bunch; looking back now, I think it was just a ploy on his part to seem cool and spend time with me, which is really such a sneaky fatherly thing to do, isn't it?

See, here's the thing about me: When it comes to music, I've never been a "follow the crowd" kind of girl. That's one of the great lessons my father taught me.

"Good music has no age limit," he used to say, which I always took to mean that it's important to embrace what YOU love and not care what the world thinks or the people who may laugh at you for your musical tastes -- I'm looking at you, Ms. Bear! Maybe that's why I've come to love One Direction and Petula Clark in the same breath. I have ZERO shame about any of it. None whatsoever.

Maybe that's why music moves us all so much. Sure, it moves us in the physical, literal sense, but more than that, once it touches us, once it embeds itself way deep down in our soul, we're practically rendered powerless in stopping its sheer force. It's mountain-moving. It's magnificent. And it's an integral part of so many of life's milestone moments -- weddings, funerals, proms (props to the '80s power ballad!), birthday parties, breakups/revenge, power girl pep talks in front of the mirror, exercise jams, those -times-you-didn't-think-anyone-was-watching-so-you-sang-into-your-hairbrush songs.
All those songs tell the story of our lives, to paraphrase my boys from One Direction. For example, I'm pretty sure I'm the only person I know who has an actual life theme song -- well, besides Ally McBeal, of course!

So where am I going with all this talk, err, writing? I suppose it's my round-about way of introducing So About What I Said's new series...

Tuesday Tunes.

As much as I'm a sucker for a foot-stomping melody, it's a song's lyrics that have always resonated with me the most. As I was falling asleep last night, I began thinking about all those songs and how each is sort of a puzzle piece for my life. That's what I'm really looking forward to with this series -- sharing what these songs have meant to me, how they've marked my life and, perhaps most importantly, the life stories that they hold for me.

Look for a new song pick every Tuesday, but first, I'd love to hear from you, friends: What songs have changed your life? What songs tell your story in the most perfect of ways? What feelings/emotions do these songs bring up for you?

P.S. Now if you'll excuse me, I have my entire CD collection to go through. And yes, I do still buy CDs. Oh, yes, and don't be surprised if I throw a bit of The Partridge Family into the mix. After all, this series is a No-Shame Zone, remember? :)

P.P.S. Catch up on all of my original lyrics!

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  1. This is going to make my Tuesdays even better! You make me proud to love Pentatonics, Perry Como, the Association, ABBA, and Barry Manilow all in the same day.

  2. I had forgotten about the Beatles jar!!!
    Can't beat the Christmas tunes though!
    Remember our trek across Canada to Evita?
    Remember all the musicals we took you to and watched on to? Wow, lots of memories here. Thanks!


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