Monday, December 21, 2015

Etsy Love: 8 Pretty Holiday Wrapping Paper Picks

I'm a sucker for a gift all wrapped in beautiful paper. I actually feel like a kid about it: Sometimes, I get so mesmerized by the pretty outer shell that I don't want to unwrap said gift and tear that paper apart.

And when it comes to holidays, it seems like wrapping paper really steps up its game. From simple gold foil to detailed winter wonderland scenes of Santa and his sleigh, Etsy once again puts the cheer in holiday cheer. Here, a round-up of 8 of my favorite designs to make your day merry and bright...
Winter animals, $9 | Evergreen forest, $7 | Hand-lettered typography, $5.35 | Festive interior, $15 | Gold reindeer, $8 | Patchwork patter, $4.44 | Snowflakes, $3.36 | Dachshunds, $11.04 |

Which one is your favorite, friends? Are you more minimalist or flashy when it comes to wrapping paper? xoxo

P.S. A more serious holiday post is coming right up! :)

[Top photo from Anderson + Grant]

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