Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dream Vacation: The Glamorous 1950s Aboard The Orient-Express

Just in time for the big boom of holiday travel! I came across this nostalgic photo series by Jack Birns for LIFE magazine this morning by. Obviously, I've been a bit mesmerized ever since.

How fun would it have been to hop on the Orient-Express and begin your journey across Europe? Looking at these photos, I can't help but wonder what these passengers' stories were: Where did they come from? Were they someone's mother, brother, best friend? Are any of them still alive today?

Are you traveling anywhere this holiday season, friends? By train, perhaps? I've never been on a train for a long-distance trip, and it sounds like such a fun way to see the sights and the scenery! What a fun and simpler time! xoxo

[Via TIME]

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