Monday, December 14, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Chill-Out Fixes For Co-Workers

You Got This flag because, DUH, she always does, $4.95
Fine sea salt chocolates for a yummy mid-day snack, $40
A soothing abstract print for when things get tense in the office, $12.80
These Andy Warhol-quoted pencils (set of 8) for making note-taking actually fun, $7.99
A bunny tape dispenser to make her smile during the day, $28.35
A stress relief smiley face ball for, well, those moments of stress, $7.32
This bamboo desk organizer because an organized desk is a happy desk, $22
Inspiring mug to start Mondays off right, $24
A sheet of funny emoji stickers for making meetings fun, $12
A wooden jump rope for exercise breaks, $44

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