Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Fab Finds For Fathers

This 'Dude No. 1' candle to brighten his home office, $48
Elephant tee because they're his favorite animal (bonus: T-shirts are designed by kids in elementary school and for every shirt you buy, brand Umano donates a backpack full of school supplies to a child in need), $42
This leather passport cover since he recently got the travel bug, $27
A History of Food In 100 Recipes for Sunday dinners, $35
A fun pair of socks for lazy weekend mornings spent reading, $42
Le Petit Prince weekly notebook planner because he's, umm, just a tad bit spacey, $20.95
This Thumb's Up print to make him smile every day, $39
A beard care set for fancy nights out with your mom, $39.95
Dad's Playbook because, let's be honest, your dad could have written the book himself, $13
A funky colorful wall clock since he's, again, a bit spacey, $50

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