Friday, December 11, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Kool Picks For Kids

A fun tee commemorating their favorite food, $25
This Giant Coloring Page for lots of fun -- and messy-free! -- hours of creativity, $30
Juxtabo, the 3D game where you stack colorful discs to create patterns, $29.99
Sesame Street temporary tattoos because, really, you secretly want them too, $15
Fold and Go Farm for hours of endless make-believe, $49
This Dog Puppet Making Kit as the first step to having a pet of their own, $19.99
A bedroom star projector to scare away all those nighttime monsters, $26
This Is The World: A Global Treasury for learning about faraway lands, $25.50
STEM puzzle set for the little scientist or mathematician, $19.99
A DIY adventure journal to encourage the budding writer in all of us, $25

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