Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Steals For Sisters

A motivation pen set, so she always knows that you believe in her, $14.95
Bob Dylan All The Songs: The Story Behind Every Track, even though you've never quite understood her obsession with the harmonica man, $27.78
A super-insulated water bottle since she's always on the go, $35
A comfy, cozy pair of slippers because you have a tradition of getting her a new pair every year, $29.99
This tube-wringer because it's cool and, well, OBVIOUSLY, $24.95
Personalized moon phase charm necklace because you love her to the moon and back (times infinity!), $41.75
A cheeky iPhone case to match her equally cheeky personality, $40
Cookie of the Month Club subscription from New York's Mah ze Dahr Bakery because, c'mon, everyone looooves sweets, $50
Seinfeld enamel pins in honor of all the hours you spent together watching the show about nothing, $8
A special blend from The Bathory, which lets you create your own soothing bath mix that's delivered right to your door, $30. Sunday nights just got a whole lot better!


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