Wednesday, January 20, 2016

10 Random Thoughts I Had During My First Day Back at "Work"

We're already practically through with the first month of 2016, and here I am, just finishing up my first day back at "work." Well, I suppose that's not entirely true, which is why I put work in quotes. I've been working, make no mistake about that; I've just been doing it at home, from my beautiful perch at the kitchen table.

You may remember awhile ago when I told you about my routine of going to the library a couple times each week -- yeah for change in scenery and productivity! Who knew? Anyway, after taking off the last month for the holidays, I figured this week was as good a time as any to start making my Monday/Wednesday pilgrimage back to the old place. I mean, you can only let yourself get sidetracked at home for so long before it becomes counterproductive, right? Of course right!

So, here I am! As anyone will likely tell you, the first day back after a long vacation -- or weekend, for that matter -- is sort of a shock to the system. It's all a lot to get used to, this return to the old routine. You feel like a deer in the headlights, walking around in a daze and, yet, still fully attuned to everything around you. The overstimulation coupled with the out-of-it feeling doing somersaults in the pit of your stomach make for one heck of a combination. I imagine it would be akin to withdrawing from caffeine -- that is, if I ever had the willpower to even try to ween myself from caffeine. But that's another subject for another blog post.

Anyway, the thoughts kept coming in rapid fire throughout the day. Here, a sampling of my 10 favorites (because, really, if I listed them all, we'd be here all night, and ain't nobody got time for that!)...

1. When did it get so sunny? Have I turned into a vampire or something? Side note: I've mastered the Art of Staying In The House. Seriously, I've turned it into quite the art form. My record is 19 consecutive days in the house, and that was just over the holidays! #Seriously #SorryNotSorry

2. Wow, people actually get up this early? It's like a whole new world!

3. I hope my DVR is recording Dr. Phil; I need my daily dose of therapeutic insight.

4. Is that my stomach rumbling? Gosh, I'm it lunch time yet?

5. I wonder what's going on in the world of celebrity news right now?

6. Why didn't I win the Powerball?

7. These college kids don't know how good they have it in life! #YouthIsWastedOnTheYoung

8. What should I buy with my Amazon gift cards?

9. I've been working for a solid 20 minutes...time for a Twitter break!

10. Man, do I need a haircut. Hair, GET OUT OF MY EYES! This. Is. So. Annoying.

There you have it, friends! A little peek into my mind on a random Wednesday. What sorts of thoughts run through your head during the day? Care to share? xoxo

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  1. I've had quite a long week, but not necessarily long in hours. it really is hard to get back to a work routine after a break! I vow to be better at blogging this year too. Let's see how it goes ;)

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living


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