Thursday, January 07, 2016

6 Awesome Tumblrs To Follow

What Tumblr blogs are you hooked on these days? Here are six scroll-worthy picks...

First, all aboard the Nostalgia Train! The Swinging Sixties is a trippy walk down memory lane with some of the most iconic movers and shakers of the decade. You know the decade that brought us Go-Go boots and Jim Morrison deserves its time in the Internet spotlight.
The laugh-out-loud Hot-Dog Legs asks that one question we've all been too afraid to ask: "Are those hot dogs or legs?" Some could actually go either way!
Awful Reviews combines actual movie posters with vicious Amazon reviews.
Math was never my strong suit, but I can still appreciate the mesmerizing beauty of Geometry Daily, which puts design and minimalism front and center.
Lauren Hom, a Brooklyn-based designer and letterer, has tapped into some "lovely little lies" with Daily Dishonesty -- books, journals, calendars and prints are even available here and here! We've all thought these things at one time or another, right...??
And finally, House of Carbs pairs two of my favorite things: House of Cards and, well, carbs! Let the drooling begin -- over President Underwood, all that food or both! Get pumped for the new season in March!

Would love to hear what you've been clicking on lately, friends! Share your fave Tumblrs in the comments! xoxo

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