Thursday, January 28, 2016

An Ode To Feminism In Fashion Form

I'm a sucker for fashion that makes a statement -- one of my dreams is to make a line of t-shirts with my blog's tagline on them, after all. So when I came across this forward-thinking round-up of feminist shirts, I immediately wanted to scoop them all up and wear them proudly every single day of the week! A few of my favorites I've been eyeing lately, starting with this CEO t-shirt, $29.95, which I've seen popping up all over the place...
Women Belong In The House and The Senate ($34.99),
Girl Power, $32
Pizza Rolls, Not Gender Roles, $29.95
Cats Against Catcalls, $29.95
Feminist Hearts, $29.95
We Can Do It, $29.95
Femme Ain't Frail, $29.95
This Is Why I'm Hot, $29.95

They would be the perfect conversation started, don't you think? Let's rock on like the fierce and powerful women that we ALL are!!! #GirlPower #LikeABoss

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