Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Guest Post: "Being Disabled Gives You a Different Perspective On Things"

I'm so excited to share reader Emily's story with you today, friends! She's one amazing lady -- independent, determined and friendly. Plus, she shares my love of Taylor Swift, so you know she's awesome! Take it away, Emily...

Growing up disabled can make you feel different than any other kid. You always knew you were different, but you still tried to fit in anyway. It is hard to understand when you feel like you can’t do everything like they can. It can really be odd watching everyone playing and everything and you’re reading on the sidelines. It was really weird, but I guess that’s one of the reasons I’m a huge bookworm. It is really difficult when people think you are lucky despite all of the struggles you have been through. When you’re disabled, there’s this need and want to be normal like everyone else which doesn’t always work because you can’t be.

I have learned a lot of lessons as someone growing up disabled. One would be that people are not as nice as they seem. Due to my disability, I was bullied a lot in school. It really affected me, but taught me that not everyone is as nice as they seem. Another thing I have learned is to have a sense of humor about your disability. If you don’t, you can never find any good stories about aspects of your disability. Being disabled is definitely an adventure and gives you a different perspective on things. I have learned to, in the words of Taylor Swift, “shake it off.”

--My name is Emily Band and I’m a college student. I enjoy reading, baked goods and reality TV. I also love animals and shopping. Check out my blog and follow me on Twitter!

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