Monday, January 04, 2016

Man Candy Monday.

Well, look who it is...GOOD MORNING, FRIENDS!!! It's certainly been awhile. We haven't seen each other since last year -- how have you been? Did you have a good holiday and new year?

I can't wait to catch up and get into our posting groove again (oh, how I've missed it...), so let's start things off right with our classic Monday staple, shall we? We've been seriously binge-watching this guy's TV show during the holidays -- the show takes place where my grandparents retired, so it sort of feels like coming home. He's sweet. He's got that Southern drawl down. And those puppy dog eyes just make my heart melt...

SCOTT PORTER!!!!!!!!!!

"If any of you have ever lived down south of the Mason-Dixon line, you know that late September still means summer heat."

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