Thursday, January 21, 2016

Love Lounge: Four Relationship Trends We Need In 2016

It's a new year, and you know what that means, don't you? We all get a clean slate, especially when it comes to all things love and matters of the heart. Whatever happened last year, whether you got your heart broken, broke a few hearts yourself, said too much to the wrong person or never even had things get started in the first place (*raises hand*), that's ALL in the past. None of that matters anymore. What matters is the here and now, and if we're being really real for a second, I think we'd all agree that there are just some things that NEED TO HAPPEN this year. I mean, c'mon, it's 2016 already -- let this be the year for change, people! In that spirit, here are four relationship trends I'd like to see become the norm...

1. Chivalry is once again elevated to an art form: They say chivalry is dead. I'd even take it one step further and say that chivalry is rotting in the ground as people stomp and trample all over what used to be such a touchstone of dating. A chivalrous man was a gentleman indeed. And now? Well, it seems the standard by which we judge a guy's "chivalrousness" is by whether or not he has the decency to return a simple text. How'd we get here?

2. A proper date becomes the new Netflix and chill: Yes, I know I've harped on this before, but my passion runs deep. I maintain that the Art of the Date needs to make a comeback. True, I may not have had my first yet, but when I do? I want it to be an event. A romantic dance, if you will. After all, a date shouldn't just be something you do to pass the time or because you're bored. It's something special and therefore should mean something, you know? Translation: Dating is NEVER something that should be taken lightly. Both parties, regardless of who did the asking, need to make an effort -- or what the heck is the point? What are we even doing?

3. Honesty FINALLY gets top billing: I'll be honest (see what I just did there?) and say that this one might be a bit hard for me at first. But I'm sure ready and willing to give it the old college try because, really, what do I have to lose? What does any of us have to lose by embracing honesty? Tell people how you feel. Don't let your feelings slink and hide in the shadows because I'm pretty sure they'll die there without any sunlight. And, most importantly, don't be afraid to say what YOU need; there's a lot of power and respect in that. #BeBraveBeYou

4. Spinsterhood becomes the symbol of cool: You know that scene in Grease where the Pink Ladies are waltzing into the school on the first day, all nonchalantly with their jackets flung over their shoulders? That's my dream for us single ladies! We're "going to rule the school" -- aka, the dating scene or, well, not rule it, I suppose. Either way, we're going to make a statement about what it means to be living the single life in 2016 and how may -- just maybe -- this sort of life isn't so archaic after all.
Whew! Something tells me that it's going to be one heck of a year on the relationship front, friends! What trends would you like to see pop up? Any you'd like to see gone forever? Or at least sit on the sidelines for awhile? Good luck out in that dating jungle...we're all in this together! xoxo

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  1. Yes, yes, so much yes. Let's just be more fun in our relationships, let's go out for dinner, open the door for each other, celebrate the single life if we're living it, and be honest while we're doing it! Melissa has hit the nail on the head once more. 😊😊

  2. Asking in person, as opposed to over text message or social media, and definitely making dates a no-technology zone. I would love for women who are Single(like you and me) to be perceived as women who know what they want and not as persnickety.

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