Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Tuesday Tunes: Foreigner's "I Want To Know What Love Is"

Editor's Note: Song lyrics denoted in bold italics.

If any decade epitomizes my love of music, it's the glorious '80s. Maybe it's my affinity for those scorching power ballads that pack such a powerful punch, but I've always strongly identified with the music from this era.

And one song seems to be at the top of my list in the heart-strings-pulling department. It put me in a sort of trance the first time I heard it and honestly, well, I'm not sure if I'll ever fully recover from its effects.

Foreigner's "I Want To Know What Love Is"
From Agent Provocateur

Every time it comes on Pandora, Janelle and I just blurt out, practically simultaneously, "Good stuff." By now, it's become almost a Pavlovian response, which, I suppose, just points to the song's lyrical power.

In my life there's been heartache and pain
I don't know if I can face it again
Can't stop now, I've traveled so far, to change this lonely life

We've all had pain and been through some not-so-fun-times, which can make it hard to get close to anyone. So we close ourselves off from even the possibility of love; I've found myself doing this. Even if the hurt wasn't of a romantic nature, I've been scarred, so sometimes I get to thinking that it's just not worth throwing yourself out into the world again. After all, who wants to feel their heart break into a million more pieces?

I want to know what love is, I want you to show me
I want to feel what love is, I know you can show me
I want to know what love is, I want you to show me
(And I want to feel) I want to feel what love is
(And I know) I know you can show me

Time does go on, though, usually when you don't even notice that it's moving right on by. Little by little, you feel your heart begin to heal, and you find yourself thinking, "Hmm, maybe I can do this thing again." And that seemingly tiny revelation? It gives you more hope than you've felt in forever. And it makes you smile. And it makes you not want to just go through the motions anymore.
Now that I think more about it, this song does remind me of someone. And yes, I am smiling as I type this. It's amazing how a song sticks with you over time, isn't it, friends? xoxo

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