Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

Is it just me or did Valentine's Day sneak up out of nowhere this year? I looked at the calendar a few days ago and couldn't believe the Day of Love was less than a week away! Let's get in the spirit with some sweet gift ideas for the special women in your life -- everyone from your wife to your mom to your best friend. Here are 12 gift ideas, starting with this gorgeous personalized rose gold letter necklace ($30) for your BFF since childhood...
A heart brass clip for that unruly hair and stressful Monday morning, $38
This tie-dyed vintage scarf for stylish nights out -- or in, $50
Hydrangea trinket box for all her special treasures, $64
This lavender bath gift set for lots of pampering, $29.99
This red lips leather wallet so she'll always be stylish and cool, $40
An I Love You mug, just so she never, ever forgets it, $14
Rosebud iPhone case since she's always dropping her phone, $40
A set of crystal candies to send her all sorts of good vibes, $20
...or a set of chakra candles for her desk to add lots of calm to her day, $52
And finally, a cute card celebrating your mutual love for all things Grey's Anatomy, $4.25

Look for Valentine's gift picks for guys tomorrow, friends! And, check out Gift Guides of yesteryear: 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. :)

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