Thursday, February 25, 2016

Have Mercy! Four Life Lessons From Full House

"How rude!"

"You got it, dude!"

"Have mercy!"

Ahh, yes, the familiar catchphrases from the Tanners, everyone's favorite TV family from the '90s. After eight years of togetherness, the Tanners are back -- this time, hitting Netflix tomorrow in the rebooted Fuller House!!!!!!!

Can you tell that I'm just a wee bit excited???

Full House and I have a long and storied history. Besides the Bradys, the Tanners were the only other family I could envision myself actually living with; half the time, I wanted to just jump through the TV and magically be in their living room. I wanted to hang out with D.J. and Stephanie, get hair lessons from Uncle Jesse, advice from Aunt Becky and take Comet on long walks around the steep, winding streets of San Francisco.

You see, back in the day, TGIF meant family time our house. Every Friday evening, we'd all sit around the TV together and enjoy a new episode every week. And in the days before distracting things like smartphones and social media, we really were present and in the moment together. So in honor of the show that started it all, here are four life lessons we can learn from Danny and family...

1. Everyone needs a goofy sidekick: Jesse had Joey and D.J. had Kimmy -- was I the only one who always felt sorry for Kimmy because of the way everyone treated her? We all need people around us to help us relax and just all-around chill out. The world is a pretty serious place and who doesn't want to laugh?

2. Family is everything: At the end of the day, they're really the only people you can count on. They'll be there for you and once the crisis has been averted, in precisely 22 minutes every single time, they'll summarize the lesson you should have learned (complete with background music, of course!) -- lessons like never lie about your grade on a test, never sneak out to get Stacy Q's autograph and never, ever take that "buy now, pay later" sign literally.

3. Nothing good EVER comes from driving the car into the kitchen: Stephanie just thought she was having a little fun until she somehow turned the car on, put it in reverse and ended up crashing it through the kitchen window. May that teach us to slow down and really be aware of our surroundings.

4. True love rules: Jesse and Becky sure had a love story for the ages, didn't they? They were quite opposite, sure, but that really only fueled their passion. But maybe more than anything, they were best friends first and foremost. They built their relationship on that solid foundation and, well, the rest is history!
Will you be watching Fuller House, friends? Who was your favorite character on the original? Favorite episode? Let's chat about the glory days, shall we? xoxo

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