Monday, February 08, 2016

Man Candy Monday.

Happy Monday, friends! In the wise words of my girls The Bangles, "it's just another manic Monday!" I'll never understand why the weekends seem to go by so darn fast, but to make us feel better, here's a fun guy! He seems pretty independent and carefree -- I mean, he did walk away from the biggest band on the planet right now. His accent is pretty intoxicating. And his smile is quite inviting...

ZAYN MALIK!!!!!!!!!!

"I'm not one to get involved with what anyone says about me."

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  1. I love that you think his accent is intoxicating. I live about 20 minutes from where he grew up and whenever I hear our accent outside of our Shire, I always think other people will think we sound like poor Northerners. Bless 'im!


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