Thursday, February 11, 2016

New Beauty Favorite: COVERGIRL's Oh Sugar Lip Balm

Last week, I made one of my pilgrimages to Target, my own personal Nirvana. I was there on an important mission: I had two gift cards that were burning quite the hole in my purse. I mean, they were practically screaming at me, "Melissa, please let us out!" Well, who was I to deny them their one chance at freedom?

So up and down those bulls-eyed aisles I went, throwing stuff into my basket faster than Spiderman repelling down a skyscraper. You'd be amazed at the freedom that comes when money is no object -- must be how the Kardashians feel. Anyway, I approached the beauty section, illuminating like a light from heaven, and that's when things REALLY went cray-cray, as today's young people would say. It didn't take me long to spot them, just hanging out on a middle shelf all nice and pretty like.

COVERGIRL's Oh Sugar lip balm! And they're TINTED!

Apparently, they're new for spring and because I'm overly addicted to lip balm (I'll be doing a full post on my entire collection this summer), I knew I just had to have them. My mom evidently didn't agree with my need to have these, as demonstrated by her eye roll when I showed her my purchases. But, as they say, beauty is pain, so I suppose that is my price to pay for looking fashionable.

In the spirit of trying new things on So About What I Said (thanks to your Annual Feedback Survey comments!), I thought I would share my thoughts on COVERGIRL's new line. Full disclosure first, though: I had WAY too much fun doing this photo shoot. Way too much fun. Hey, maybe I really am a Kardashian! OK, here we go...
Sprinkle: The perfect shade for pretending you're a Disney princess. Soft and sweet, like a warm spring day.
Punch: This one packs -- you guessed it! -- a whole lot of punch, but it's still pretty subtle, which is great for me since I'm all about making sure I walk that very fine line between Crimson Vixen and full-on Lady of the Night. I may be a lady, but I'm not that kind of lady, if you know what I mean!
Jelly: I'll admit, this one makes me crave a jelly-filled donut, so I find myself having to consciously remind myself not to lick my lips obsessively. Still, I think the color works on me.
Soda: I'd say this one is what the hip YouTube gurus would call a "your-lips-but-better" shade -- you know, the kind of color that matches your skin tone and complements your cheek bones in that nice contoured way. That, and it makes me thirsty for root beer, so there's that bonus too.
Spice: Ahh, this is the one that makes me feel all sorts of mysterious, like I hail from some foreign island or something. No one knows me. I could be anyone I want to be. And I'd slink in the shadows.
Gumdrop: The darkest shade I bought, this one would be perfect for winter, especially when these cold days make you feel all moody and wanting to channel your inner Goth. #YOLO

Overall thoughts: Love the cute packaging of these -- you know I'm a sucker for design and typography, and these hit a home run. They're really moisturizing and actually stay on your lips for more than 10 minutes! Plus, who can resist a classic wash of color? Have you tried them, friends? What did you think? Have a favorite shade?

P.S. I'd love to do more posts like this -- maybe even a monthly series? Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter!


  1. My new favorite lip product is Neutragena's Moisture Smooth color stick. I have one in perfect plum and another in pink nude. They look like a giant crayon.

  2. I love your review. I share your love (obsession!) of lip balms, gloss, etc) My favorite colors of the ones you reviewed are sprinkle and spice. I haven't checked out this line in person, BUT, thanks to you I'm on my way to Target after work tomorrow!!


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