Saturday, February 20, 2016

Have a Fun Weekend

Happy Saturday, friends! How are you doing today? What have you been up to this weekend? I was recently accepted into The Mix, Hearst's contributor network and am excited to get to work on my first piece, so keep your fingers crossed for me! Also, keep your fingers crossed for the good ole Midwest, which experienced 60-mph winds yesterday and a loss of power -- hence, why this week's Link Love is a day later than usual! I could even hear the gusts from the bedroom. Hope you all have a lovely weekend, and here are my favorite finds from the wonderful Web...

Golden Girls dolls are coming!! Who's excited??

"My Autistic Brother's Quest for Love"

What one woman learned following her father's suicide.

Oh, rope bracelet, won't you be mine?

Four women who met their husbands on Tinder.

11 small ways to be nicer to yourself.

Nordstrom named America's favorite retailer for fourth year.

Do you still go to salons? Apparently, they're a dying breed.

FYI, the worst things to post on social media. Guilty of #12...

Some awesome newsletters for creatives.

Must Read: "Don't label me undateable"

Way to go, Stevie Wonder!

Watch these movies without a happy ending if you need a reality check.

Quick: Duck or bunny?

Love these tips for parents with disabled children.

I need these tips to becoming a morning person.

Now that's a cherry!

7 celebrities and their Grammys style evolutions.

My favorite Taylor Swift song of all time.

...and perhaps the most comprehensive analysis of the Beatles EVER!

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