Saturday, February 13, 2016

Have a Marvelous (Long!) Weekend

Happy weekend, friends! I'm super excited about the long weekend. What are your plans? We're going out to lunch with friends on Monday, and I'll be holing up indoors the rest of the time -- we're under a wind chill advisory today and it's FREEZING! I hope you all have a relaxing weekend, and here are my favorite finds from the wonderful Web...

Dating and texting rules, according to guys. Thoughts?

SNL's 'Sturdy Barbie' is hilarious!

Time out! There's going to be a Saved By The Bell-inspired restaurant in Chicago.

Vanessa Hudgens posts a touching tribute to her late father.

Doesn't this homemade banana pudding look delicious?

What will Earth look like in 100 million years?

An open letter to extroverts.

Interesting read: These are the most sinful cities in America.

Step right up to get your caffeine bracelet today!

"I stalked my boyfriend's ex on social media"

Aww, Ryan Reynolds' and Blake Lively's first-date story is so cute!

More online shopping sites to bookmark.

Writers, does memoir writing make you crazy?

Creepy photos.

How I came of age at the mall.

Haha, check out these 17 songs that sound romantic but are actually pretty creepy.

How easily distracted are you? I'm...oh, look at that...

15 ways to manage stress.

These food purses are so my style -- fun and quirky!

Untranslatable words.

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  1. Love that article about romantic/creepy songs! The Billy Ocean song always made me feel slightly uncomfortable. I still sing along to it but it's, I would not like to get into your car, sir.

  2. I appreciate the efforts you people put in to share blogs on such kind of topics, it was indeed helpful. Keep Posting!


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