Thursday, February 18, 2016

Love Lounge: 3 (More) Worst Places To Meet Potential Beaus

Now where were we?? Oh, right, those Danger-Zone Destinations you should avoid when on the hunt for potential beaus. Trust me, staying clear of these areas will save you and your heart from emotional distress -- and possibly hours in post-breakup therapy. And if you should find yourself tempted to tread these waters? Well, don't say I didn't warn you...

4. Vacation/Tropical island: Yes, this one is another trickster that I've fallen prey to a time or two. As a teen, I became determined to find me a good ole Dixieland gentlemen during our vacations to the Gulf Coast. I dubbed it my Southern Man Hunt, and I was a woman on the prowl. But here's the thing about vacations: They're not real. Not when it comes to life and especially not when it comes to love. They present a glossy, idealized version of what life could be like instead of how life actually is. In real life, people eventually go home and back to their mundane routines. In real life, people don't have the luxury of lounging poolside in the sun all day, a fruity concoction with an umbrella in one hand and the latest issue of Us Weekly in the other. And -- most importantly -- who someone is on vacation is completely different from who that person is in their day-to-day environment. You don't want to spend a romantic, blissful week with Dr. Jekyll, only to come home to Mr. Hyde, do you? I didn't think so!

5. The ER: Now, normally, I'm all about the romantic power of falling in love with a fellow hospital patient, but I just can't make an exception when it comes to the emergency room. The stakes are just too high, which means that your sprained and bruised ankle won't be the only thing in need of healing. Your heart is going to be in desperate need of medical attention -- or at the very least -- some TLC -- when it feels that break for the first time. Why? Because love born out of the frenzy of a code blue will ultimately leave you, well, blue. Emotions will be running too high to survive such an epic situation. Plus, if you're given any pain medicine, chances are you'll end up saying things you probably wouldn't say under normal circumstances and probably shouldn't be saying at all. Basically, your fever won't be the only thing that's scorching hot.

6. Bars: Never mind the fact that I don't drink and am wary of anything that would cloud my judgment during a date, the bar scene is not only a cliche locale but one fraught with endless opportunities to do and say things that you just can't take back. It's a terrible situation, really. You'll wake up the next morning with only a fuzzy memory of what went down the night before, a headache and the obsessive thoughts of, "OMG! Did I really say that? Did he really say that?" And if you're at said bar on karaoke night? Get ready for lots of regret over that duet of Endless Love. Oh, and don't forget the possible ribbing from friends -- you know that video is going up on YouTube.
Good luck out there, friends! Buckle up and be careful. It's bound to be a bumpy ride, so hold onto your hats -- and hearts! xoxo

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  1. The Crown Prince of Denmark met his now-wife at a pub while visiting Australia. Bars AND vacation. Ruling out people based on location isn't savvy safeguarding against heartbreak, it's closing doors on real possibilities for love.

  2. True, but people have different preferences for where they'd like to/not like to meet someone. These are mine. Plus, these posts were meant to be more tongue-in-cheek... :)


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