Monday, March 28, 2016

Taking a Spring Break

Good morning, friends! I hope you had a great Easter. You know I ate too much sweet and delicious candy -- why does Target have to enable me so darn much?

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about this the last few weeks when planning my work schedule and I've decided to take this week off. My mom is on spring break and since it worked out so well when I took a mini vacation over Christmas, I thought now would be the perfect time to take a "spring break" of my own. You know, to rest, relax and recharge those creative juices. So although I won't be around these parts much this week, I might do a few miscellaneous odds and ends from my "whenever to-do list" -- that long list of things I keep meaning to do when I have time. Or maybe I'll just drink root beer and watch Netflix all day, which I'm most definitely NOT opposed to in the least. I mean, it is vacation after all.

Meanwhile, if you're in a blog-reading mood, feel free to browse the archives for a peek into my mind and life. And, just for fun, here are some of my favorite quotes from some of this year's posts so far.

"I maintain that the Art of the Date needs to make a comeback. True, I may not have had my first yet, but when I do? I want it to be an event. A romantic dance, if you will. After all, a date shouldn't just be something you do to pass the time or because you're bored. It's something special and therefore should mean something, you know?" --Love Lounge: Four Relationship Trends We Need In 2016

"Plus, let's not discount their sexy brains, which is what really got me in the end. They attracted me faster than an ant to a Snickers bar on a hot summer day, and I wanted to bottle up all that hot, sexy brain essence and save it for a rainy day." --On My Habit of Falling In Love With Medical Residents

"But in the grand scheme of things, what about the simpler things in life? Shouldn't those have an equal position in the Game of Love too? Things like being someone's safe landing place, the place where they can let their guard down and not be afraid to be themselves. If you ask me, being someone's soft and cozy blanket is the ultimate; it makes everything look superficial in comparison. There's power in making someone feel safe and feeling safe in someone else's arms, and I can't help but feel like people are too quick to dismiss that power sometimes." --Letters To My Future Husband: Letter #177

"OK, let me just be perfectly clear here: I'm seemingly unable to resist falling for these types. I know it's wrong. I know things will just end in heartbreak. I know we'd never be on the same page about anything. And yet, for some weird, mysterious reason, I get it in my head that it will be different with me. Oh, yes, I wholeheartedly believed in that fantasy. I was going to save that Lost Boy and turn him into a Found Man; it was going to be such a beautiful experience that we share together. I was going to get him to finally open up to me, revealing his true self at long last and we were going to live out our days in glorious happiness." --MEMO TO MEN: What's Up With 'Lost Boys'?

"Before you know it, you hopped yourself up on one too many caffeinated root beers and find yourself spilling your life story to the Best Man when he's just trying to get out on the dance floor as the DJ leads a rousing rendition of the Conga Line. It's not pretty, you eventually realize, and you leave the wedding the same way you came -- at the end of your very own metaphorical Conga Line." --Love Lounge: Never Get Involved With Someone You Meet...

"Although it's not all of me, my disability is a big part of who I am. To get to know me is also getting to know my disability and what role it's played in my life. Some people may very well say that I shouldn't focus on my disability so much, that I'm making it more of an issue than it needs to be and I'll potentially make someone more intimidated just by talking about it in the first place. What do I think of that? That's a bunch of hogwash -- pardon my language, but that's the truth." --MEMO TO MEN: 5 Disability Questions To Ask Me
Remember, though: The year is still young, my friends! Have a great week, and I'll see you right back here next Monday for our regular schedule. I love you all... xoxo


  1. Hi Melissa ! Hope yall enjoy your time off and have a nice Spring break. PS- we ate too many Easter goodies too. I was even in our Target early Saturday morning before the crowds got too bad :)

  2. Happy vacation Melissa, thanks for your message on Twitter. Really like your writing and your unique POV!


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