Tuesday, March 15, 2016

12 Terrific Tiny Tattoos

How's that for alliteration?

Anyway, I'm having a BEYOND-frustrating day trying to get my wheelchair fixed (ugh!), so let's look at some pretty tiny tattoos, shall we? There's nothing I love more than a little statement of creativity, you know? It's so much classier than those big, honkin', practically-the-width-of-your-back tattoos that are in the weird shape of some animal. Here are 12 of my favorite finds, starting with this peaceful pineapple to carry a slice of paradise wherever you go...
A cute clothes hanger for us shopping addicts!
This tiny flower for the nature lovers!
Quotes for outwardly expressing your inner writer!
A star to remember that you'll ALWAYS be -- you guessed it! -- a star!
A little love to carry with you!
This heart to make you smile!
Mountain peaks to keep you ever climbing!
A sly fox since he's your spirit animal!
Your life mantra so you never forget to live by it!
#Hashtag love, anyone?
And your shield of bravery to take on the world!


  1. These are such great finds, such a beautiful way of expressing something personal & meaningful. Love the mountains one!

  2. I love my little tattoos - I have an arrow behind one ear and a circle behind the other. I'd highly recommend them, and can confirm that neither really hurt at all!

    Sammy xo.


  3. That's awesome, Sam! I think those types of tats are so cool!


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