Friday, March 04, 2016

Have an Exciting Weekend

Good evening, friends! Are you pumped for the weekend? Any plans? We're going out for lunch and gearing up for the Downton Abbey grand finale on Sunday. I'm mentally preparing myself for all the feels -- and possibly even a tear or two! Hope you all have a relaxing weekend, and here are my favorite finds from the wonderful Web...

11 reasons why Alex Karev is the best part of Grey's Anatomy.

Fun quiz: How much time until your wedding?

The best ways to use the new Facebook reactions.

HA! If Facebook Mommy Groups existed in the '90s.

Gosh, I love Demi Lovato.

Fashion Do or Don't: Cheerful beanies.

Fun illustrations of Disney princesses!

Who's your Disney prince soul mate?

"How my hearing loss has affected my marriage"

Who remembers these cult brands from the '90s?

Do you agree with these rules for texting someone you like?

All the boyfriends and girlfriends from Full House, ranked.

The Notorious RBG coloring book is here!

"No, I'm not glamorizing my autism"

21 insane sales to shop this weekend.

So, who wants to go see the new Ghostbusters movie with me?

The Museum of Broken Relationships is coming to Los Angeles.

These rings from Ella Taylor Design are gorgeous, aren't they?

Great blogging tips for newbies and veterans alike.

Taylor Swift's Maid of Honor speech is everything you'd expect...

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