Monday, April 04, 2016

Dream Home Do or Don't: Would You Live In a Swedish Chapel?

Maybe it's my Swedish heritage coming out here, but I completely fell in love with this converted chapel nestled in the woods. With it's quaint gate and off-the-beaten path vibe, it seems like the sort of hideaway that would be perfect for a quiet life (a writer's life, perhaps...?). Plus, the inside looks so open and awesome are those wood floors?

I'm sold...what about you, friends? Would you live here?? Let's hop on a plane right now! xoxo

[Via Miss Moss]

1 comment:

  1. Sure, why not!?
    To me it's important a place is not haunted, and not which religious denomination it belongs to... :D

    Besides, if it looks like the chapel above I wouldn't even care IF it's a haunted place... as long as my otherworldly subtenants are nice & not too noisy at night!!


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