Monday, April 04, 2016

Man Candy Monday.

Welcome back, friends! How are you on this lovely (SPRING!!!) morning? I'm SO glad to be back and feeling much better -- but more about the "much better" part in a bit. First, I didn't know anything about today's guy until I started watching this show and found myself intrigued. He's hilarious. He's suave. And that devilish smirks makes me want to know what exactly he's up to...


"I started out more interested in drama, but comedy just came naturally to me, and it's become what I'm most known for, even though my sensibilities still lean towards the dramatic for the most part."


  1. I'm actually REALLY attracted to him. Much more than the main character on Royal Pains.

  2. Me too, Chelsea!! There's a sweet goofiness to him...and his wardrobe is fantastic!


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