Monday, May 23, 2016

10 Random Thoughts I Had While Trying To Fall Asleep

I'm one of those people whose mind is running like a hamster wheel until the moment I fall asleep. It doesn't matter that my head may have hit the pillow; half the time, I'm not even sure that my body knows the difference between lying down and sitting up. It has a mind of its own and tends to operate at full speed ahead -- thanks for passing that trait down to me, Ms. Bear!

It's sort of a curse, really, this inability to calm down and quiet my mind. Maybe I need to start practicing some of those New Age-y mindfulness activities or drink a glass of warm milk before bed. But, c'mon, who has the patience for that??

I certainly don't.

So I'm left with my wandering -- and wondering -- mind, then. Every night. Last night was a particularly eventful one, too. In the name of preservation and for your sheer entertainment/enjoyment/anti-boredom solution, I made a mental note (I know, the irony!) of some of the thoughts that crossed my mind last night. Come with me as we take a little walk through the catacombs of my mind. Here are 10 random thoughts I had while trying to fall asleep...

1. Where did the phrase "counting sheep" come from? I'd much prefer something like "watching paint dry." Sheep are so cute!
2. I'm so sad that we only have 10 episodes left of Nurse Jackie! What are we going to watch next? This is a VERY serious matter.
3. Wow, my Netflix/TV addiction is real. Is there a 12-step program for that?
4. Now that it's summer, I really should invest in some neon polo shirts. After all, it's only fitting that my loud wardrobe should match my loud personality.
5. OK, it's still in the midnight hour. If I go to sleep RIGHT NOW, I'll still get almost eight hours of sleep.
6. Come on, eyes, lull yourself into a deep, peaceful slumber. I'm really not kidding around here.
7. I have so much work to do tomorrow. Time to make a mental to-do list!
8. Oh, shoot, what if I can't remember everything on that list? Too bad my phone is charging.
9. Why can't summer last 365 days?
10. I think I'm going to get a taco salad for lunch tomorrow. I've been craving one, and I'm not in the business of denying myself things that make me the happiest.

Whew!! See what I mean here, friends? The loops! The nagging! The food cravings! Will it ever end? What do you find yourself thinking about at night? How do you stop those incessant thoughts from keeping you awake? I'd love to know your tips! xoxo

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