Monday, May 09, 2016

Style Guide: An Afternoon In The Park

Now that we're well into spring, my mind is starting to drift to lazy days spent outside. One of my happiest memories growing up is trekking to the local forest preserve for a family picnic. It was so nice to see everything come back to life again -- us included! -- after the humdrum winter months.

The only problem? Well, let's just say I wasn't the most fashionably conscious lady back then -- certainly not like I am today. So to make up for it, make sure you pack these eight essentials the next time you head out to the park...
Picnic basket, $39.99 | Straw hat, $34.50 | Checkered shirt, $39 | Binoculars, $12.99 | Bird Bingo, $29.95 | Comfy pillow, $28 | Lilly Pulitzer tumblers, $25 | Floral picnic blanket, $45

What about you, friends?? Have you taken any picnics yet this year?? What was on your Must-Pack List? And just for fun, what's your favorite picnic food? xoxo

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  1. Would love to see some of your "fashionably conscious" wardrobe!!! That would be a fun blog post! Thanks!


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