Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Family Photos: When Your Mom Perfectly Captures Spring...and Harry!

I've got a few errands to run this morning (helllooo, haircut!), but I couldn't resist posting these two photos my mom snapped after work yesterday. Spring, at its finest.
And Harry...what would a classic photo post be without a shot of this cutie? I know I may be just a tad bit biased, but LOOK at those paws! xoxo

P.S. Fun fact: My mom has an overabundance of confidence in her many abilities EXCEPT when it comes to her picture-taking prowess! What?? Feel free to give her a little encouragement in the comments...*nudge, nudge*


  1. Tell your mom she is doing a great job with the photos and to have a Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Your Mother has nothing to worry about. Her photography game is strong! Happy Mothers Day to her!


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