Wednesday, May 11, 2016

In The Pursuit of Happiness: Prince Harry on Women's Rights

Everyone was a-buzz over Princess Charlotte's first-birthday photos recently, but it's Prince Harry who seems to be having a moment of his own. He's on the cover of this week's PEOPLE and his recent speech in Nepal on women's rights was truly inspiring. Have you seen it? His words really resonated with me, but this particular passage stood out...

Whether it's a girl in Lesotho living with HIV; or the talented young woman in Britain who doesn't get taken seriously because of where she grew up; or the 14 year old girl forced out of school so she can get married here in Nepal; we need to acknowledge that so many countries and cultures are failing to protect the opportunities of young women and girls in the way they do for boys. I believe it is vitally important for men like me to acknowledge this as loudly and openly as role models do like President Bhandari, the US First Lady Michelle Obama, and activists like Malala. As the First Lady has said, change needs to come from the bottom up. We won't unlock these opportunities for young women and girls unless we can change the mindset of every family and community. To achieve this, it cannot just be women who speak up for girls.

In a world with far too many sexist misogynists who feel a sense of entitlement just for being a man, it's SO refreshing to see Prince Harry step up to the front lines on such an important issue. In 2016, something as basic as education should be a right for all, not just a privilege reserved for the few. I've always said that when one group is held back, it's detrimental to everyone, and I fully believe this.

A brighter tomorrow starts with change today, you know? Not to sound too much like an afterschool special, but this is something we all have to work together on if we ever want to see any real change. I just think of my own life and how over the years, my college degree is something I've taken for granted. I'd always just assumed college was the next step after high school, but even high school isn't a guarantee for everyone. My degree has afforded me so many opportunities, like freelancing and writing this very blog, and everyone should have the same opportunities. It's a matter of human rights, really.
OK, I'll get off my soap box now, but I think you'd agree with me, friends! Go, Harry! xoxo

[Via Marie Claire]

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