Thursday, May 19, 2016

Love Lounge: What Is Your #RelationshipStatus?

I was scrolling through my Twitter feed the other day -- I say it's purely for work/research purposes -- and what should catch my eye?

This splendid hashtag: #MyRelationshipStatus

I know! It's awesome, right? The responses were hilarious, cheeky and creative, to say the least. Just take a look at some of my favorites...Woman seeking wine #MyRelationshipStatus
And then I got to thinking about my contribution to the hashtag, and let's be real for a moment here: It's an extremely accurate hashtag. I mean, the evidence abounds, and who am I to argue with pure, hard proof?
There's this post, after all, where I detail all the boys who -- you guessed it! -- exist only on screen or in books. And let's not forget all those other ones that came into my life after that post: Dr. Owen Hunt, Dr. Mark Sloan, Dr. Alex Karev, Dr. Hank Lawson and Charlie from How To Get Away With Murder -- obviously, there's a pretty big doctor trend here. But honestly, can you blame me? Fictional characters are the ultimate "boyfriends," sort of like neopets for adults -- low-maintenance to maintain, drama-free and you have the upper hand in the relationship! What could possibly be better than that?

Hmmm, now that I think about it more, maybe there's a book in all of this. It could be like an ode to all the (fictional) boys who've stolen my heart over the years, everyone from Alex P. Keaton to Zorro. Hey, that could even be the title of said book. What do you think?

So, friends, I'd love to know: What's YOUR #RelationshipStatus? Single? Attached? #ItsComplicated? Let's chat in the comments -- or let me know on Twitter by tagging me @melissablake and using the hashtag #MyRelationshipStatus! Looking forward to hearing from you!! xoxo

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