Thursday, May 05, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide Under $50

With Mother's Day just three days away (say whaaat?), the mad dash is officially on, friends! I went shopping for my mom's favorite things a few days ago, but if you're still stumped or your mom is one of those hard-to-buy-for people, here are 11 great gift picks, all under $50. First up: This personalized necklace with both your initials on it, $45
A stylish grey suede pouch for all her favorite things, $22.95
This Wonder Woman mug because, well, she'll ALWAYS be your superhero, $12.95
A tin of cookies because's she's got a huge sweet tooth, $14.75
Appetizing placemats since she loves to cook family meals, $28
This lemon tumbler set for relaxing afternoons and a glass of lemonade, $28
Cute vases for the window sill, $20
This Elvis flash drive because, c'mon, it's Elvis, $16.99
A sleep mask for sleeping late on the weekends, $28
Andy Warhol pencil set to inspire her like she inspires you, $9
And, of course, a simple card with a sweet message will always be the way to her heart, $4

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