Saturday, May 07, 2016

Have a Lovely Mother's Day Weekend

Woohoo, friends! Welcome to the glorious, wonderful weekend! And it's an extra special one because tomorrow is Mother's Day! How will you be celebrating the amazing women in your life? We're taking my mom on a picnic and then out for ice cream -- how fun! I'll be in heaven! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and here are my favorite finds from the wonderful Web...

"I'm Not a Bitch...I'm Just Shy"

Oh, the perils of the May-December romance, especially if you don't know you're in one!

How is your mental health?

Go, Zach Anner!

Hilarious: Movie characters in the throes of writer's block.

Beware of dating the Man Child, people!

7 ways to channel beach style.

It's time to stop feeling guilty!

"I was ghosted by my best friend"

The plight of the Aging Millennial.

The 50 best TV shows on Netflix RIGHT NOW!

Writing thank-you cards is good for your health.

The patronizing questions we ask women who write.

The Rolling Stones back in the day.

Would you live in this cliffside house?

What a pretty black ring.

Powerful essay on the suicide of a loved one.

Channing Tatum just gets more adorable.

Love, disabilities and movies.

This movie has a release date of 2115...

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