Friday, May 27, 2016

Have a Fun (Long!) Weekend

Good afternoon, friends, and welcome to the LONG weekend! Are you ready for it? Got any fun plans? You know, they say Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning of summer, so I couldn't be more thrilled, naturally. I plan to get outside this weekend, sip some cool beverages and maybe indulge in a ceremonial hot dog or two. You know, really enjoy the good life. Speaking of the good life, I'll be taking Monday off, but look for your regularly scheduled blog shenanigans to resume in full force on Tuesday. In the meantime, have a fantastic weekend, and here are my favorite finds from the wonderful Web...

Cristina Yang is everything, isn't she?

Why great music gives us chills.

Get ready...Disney movies are coming to Netflix!

Quiz: How irritable are you?

McDreamy vs. McSteamy. Who would you choose??

How to deal if you dislike your friend's significant other.

A love letter to Elaine Benes.

Would you get married in a museum?

Are you a lifelong eavesdropper?

How to keep fresh flowers alive.

Dream Home: Midcentury homes.

Everyday words that make you go 'ew.'

Been working hard to achieve Inbox Zero and it's a wonderful feeling!

Try these homemade lemonade recipes just in time for summer!

This restaurant built inside a cave looks amazing, doesn't it?

Cool changes are coming to your Twitter feed.

It's hard to be a kid in the age of social media.

Beautiful words from a husband about his wife. All the feels.

#GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend is officially a thing and I'm officially excited!

Wooden geometric necklace love!

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  1. I like seeing all those lemonades! My mom and I made watermelon and cucumber lemonade the other night and it was sooo good.


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