Thursday, June 16, 2016

Dream Home Do or Don't: Quirky Planters

It's official: My mom is exercising her green thumb again this year! She's been carefully tending to her tomato plant every day, which has taken up residence on our patio table. She's ever-so-devoted to her plant, but its home is sadly just a plain old brown pot. Don't you think she should jazz things up a little? If I had my way, I'd choose something with a bit more character -- remember these ceramic face planters and these spring planters?

Here are eight awesomely quirky planters perfect for your summer hobbies, starting with this Little house planter ($18)
Purple hippo planter, $29
Gold lion planter, $14
Dog planter, $28.21
T-Rex planter (for Jurassic Park lovers!), $24.50
Robot planter, $35
Small marble planter, $17.20
Death Star concrete planter, $15

What do you think, friends? Is the quirky home decor look a do or don't? xoxo

P.S. Dream Home: Miniature Treehouses! :)

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