Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hilarious TV Show: Baskets

Leave it to Janelle to once again make me hip to all sorts of new things in the world of TV -- remember Portlandia? SNL's Stefon?

This time around, it comes in the form of Baskets, the hilarious comedy on FX. Have you guys seen it? It stars Zach Galifianakis as Chip Baskets, a man who is just trying to find himself and make it after failing out of France's famed clown college. He moves home to Bakersfield and takes a job as a clown at the rodeo -- who even knew there was such a thing? Paste magazine ranked the show one of the best sitcoms on TV today and called it a "true to life" comedy...
While Chip’s passion in life is to achieve the high artistic value of being a classically-trained clown, he must face the realities of a loveless marriage, reliance upon the support of his family, and uncertainty over how long he can financially support himself while chasing his dream. Despite its less likely moments, Baskets is a true to life comedy. Nothing is ever completely serious, and nothing is ever taken as a complete joke. Something as mundane as a trip to the grocery store and waiting in a slow line could be a comedy scene if you look hard enough. That’s exactly the type of show Krisel and his colleagues set out to make—the kind where the absurdity of life is highlighted and the humor can be found in just about anything, including tragedy.
The supporting characters are scene stealers too: There's Penelope, the French mademoiselle who married Chip just to get a green card, and insurance adjuster/Costco employee Martha, who has somehow become Chip's personal chauffeur. My favorite character, though, is definitely Christine Baskets (aka, Mama Baskets) played by Louie Anderson.
The show is quirky and in-that-good-way weird, and I think we can all see a part of ourselves in Chip, even if he can be a bit angry with the world. If you need a summer show, I highly recommend checking it out. Season one just ended and it's already been renewed for a second season.

What other shows have you been watching lately? Any good binge-worthy recommendations? You know I'm always on the hunt for my next favorite! xoxo

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