Monday, June 13, 2016

Man Candy Monday.

Good morning, friends, and a VERY happy Monday to you! Did you miss me last week? I think my mom really enjoyed her guest posting gig -- and maybe even has a newfound respect for what I do? I really appreciate all her hard work, but it's great to be back! Also great? Today's guy, who is currently wowing me in my newest binge-watch marathon. He's a bit dark and mysterious. He seems incredibly soft spoken. And, I mean, those piercing eyes sure don't disappoint...

MICHAEL C. HALL!!!!!!!!!!

"I think I had a shyness about me, I think I discovered acting as a way to break out of that and as a way of belonging, a sense of being special."


  1. SO MUCH AGREEMENT HERE. When I watched Dexter, I was all about swooning for him more often than I probably should considering the character he played haha.

  2. Love Dexter - I've been thinking about re-watching the series. So good!

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