Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Ms. Bear on 10 Life Lessons Learned From Zumba!

Well, I’ll tell you, I’ve got to hand it to Melissa because doing one post a day seems a lot to me and she does so many!!! But, in preparation for this one, I went to an extra Zumba class last night for “research” and came away with some great ideas on things that I have learned from attending Zumba for the last 8 years! Melissa, in her super organized way, assigned today’s post to be on the topic of Zumba, so here goes...

When I first started going to Zumba, I was so nervous. What if I couldn’t do it? What if I tripped and fell? What if I couldn’t keep up? All these things ran through my mind, but I decided it looked like fun and I went ahead and tried it. The first few months my legs were wobbly and felt like Jello each time I finished. I didn’t realize then that that is how so many things in life start out. You’re unsure, but if you take that risk, you can stumble (sometimes literally!) upon something that will bring you happiness and teach you important lessons at the same time! So, what are the top 10 things about life that I have learned from Zumba?

1. Sometimes beginning is the hardest thing to do.

2. Sometimes you go fast, sometimes you go slow, but as long as you go you are still passing everyone on the couch!

3. Like so many things in life, a good teacher can make or break your experience (Thanks, Kristina from the Y and Brandi from my work!)

4. Some days you are out in front and some days you just need to hang out in the rear. Either of these is just fine, or you can stay smack in the middle!

5. It’s OK to move to your own rhythm -- you don’t always have to be exactly on step.

6. In the words of Mary Poppins, "Well begun is half done!" If you don’t take that first step, you will never reap the rewards!

7. Working as a group brings its own rewards. When people clap at the end of a song, it’s not for themselves; it’s for everyone who participated. There are always smiles all around!

8. You can make lots of new friends and have fun with your work friends at the same time.

9. Just like it should be in life, everyone is welcome at Zumba!

10. But by far, the best part of Zumba is knowing that you are pushing yourself to the limit, not only for a stronger body, but for a stronger mind and for self-discipline.

***** Bonus reason to do Zumba…..It’s fun. As our cool down song always says, "Just dance, dance, dance!" The world looks great when you’re spinning around!


  1. Good lessons, Mrs. Bear. I did enjoy the one zumba class I did with you. If I were a bit less introverted, I'd do it more often. That you do it and stick to it brings me to respect you immensely.

  2. Another great post. I need to get a little Zumba in my life and you just gave me ten good things to think about and to get started. Enjoying your posts very much while Melissa takes a little time off.


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