Friday, June 10, 2016

Ms. Bear on Her 38th Wedding Anniversary

It’s June 10th again! On this day 38 years ago, Brian and I were married. When you are a widow (and I imagine it’s the same for widowers), anniversaries are certainly a bittersweet day. I remember the joy of my wedding day and the promise that each tomorrow held. I didn’t know that we wouldn’t even make it to our 25th anniversary before Brian died.

Such a happy day, and look at how young we all were!

If I could give one piece of advice to the newly married, it would be to take that part about sickness and health very seriously. When I got married, I had no idea that Brian would get so sick and die so young, and that it would all happen in just a mere five-month period! I know I didn’t give that a thought as we recited our vows, or maybe I did, but in the way of the young, I never thought it would happen to us! But, when you think about it, each couple will have one partner die first (unless they die at the same time, which is really statistically unlikely!).

Anyway, this June 10th, I decided to bask in the happy memories and let the regrets go. Happy Anniversary to Brian and was a ride well worth taking!
And, our greatest collaboration and accomplishment was getting these 2 wonderful girls!

Well, today is the last day of my guest posting on Melissa's blog. I have a newfound respect for her and will be glad to go back to my regular life next week. Melissa will be back bright and early on Monday morning, so make sure you come back! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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  1. How nice it was to have you doing posts this week. I've enjoyed every post...great stories, memories and pictures. Looking forward to many more when Melissa is off doing other things.


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