Thursday, June 09, 2016

Ms. Bear on the Stories Behind Family Photos

Melissa thought that the topic she gave me for the blog today -- Fun Family Photos -- would be an easy one for my first day at summer school. Alas, was she ever wrong! Why, you might ask? Well, we have spent a couple of hours looking through and reminiscing about all the pictures. Thank goodness for my mother, who saved and labeled all these hundreds of pictures over the years. Here are a few favorites (featuring Melissa Blake, of course!)...
Here is Melissa’s dad, who would spend literally hours holding her up at the beach. I remember him saying once, with tears in his eyes, “I just want her to feel the sand under her feet.” Melissa couldn’t have asked for a better dad!
The girls with their Cabbage Patch they loved them. We couldn’t really afford them back then, but we made sure each girl had one! Melissa’s was named Emma, and you can see how Emma always got casts in the O.R. when Melissa did! Janelle’s doll was named Hedda, and how she loved her (and, as you can tell by the picture, she really loved her big sister!).
Even back in the day, Melissa and I were big game players. Not a day goes by now that she and I don’t have some spirited game-playing fun! (note from Melissa: I usually LOSE the games, even though, in my defense, I do try my hardest!).
And, we’ll finish off with the little red-haired girl, as Brian and I used to call her! She was soooo cute!!! This is her little bike that she could actually scoot around on her own. I still have the pair of shoes that have big, gaping holes in the toes from all the riding!!

Thanks so much for sharing some family pictures today!!!

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  1. These are really sweet. Thank you for sharing them. :-)


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