Monday, June 27, 2016

Wedding Do or Don't: At-Home Engagement Photos

I've come across some amazing engagement photos over the years, like an underwater engagementtravel-themed shoots, library love, a zombie engagement and a romantic Iceland escape, but what about taking the simple route and celebrating your engagement in the place where you perhaps feel the most comfortable?

Your home.

It sounds like such a novel, out-of-the-box idea, doesn't it? Well, newly engaged couple Melinda Kunze and Josh Blitchington opted for just that with their recent engagement shoot in their North Carolina abode. The result is a collection of photos that truly reflect the love between the couple, set amidst the backdrop of their everyday life. It's dreamy and romantic and everything that gives me all the feels. And to make the photos feel as authentic as possible, they left the house as-is, leaving items on the counter and stuff on the fridge.

"We are in love with [this house]. It’s adorable and perfect for us," says Kunze. "We would love to look back in 10 years after we have moved to a different house and have memories of our first home together."

Plus, their pups shared some of the shots, which just ups the adorableness factor. In a world where some couples' engagement photos are overly extravagant productions that rival red carpets at movie premieres, it's nice to see something that feels so intimate and, well, homey. Two people just being themselves is so utterly refreshing!

Would you be game for taking at-home engagement photos, friends? Is this a wedding do or don't for you? Did you take engagement photos? Care to share one in the comments? xoxo

P.S. Do you know your parents' engagement story?

[Photography by Anchor & Veil]

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  1. At home for the win! These shots are great. :)


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