Thursday, July 21, 2016

Family Photos: Summertime Happenings

Well, it's official: We're in full-on summer mode over here! This week, especially, has been brutally HOT, so our life has looked like this: sit in air-conditioned house, sip lemonade, play cards, repeat as needed.

Not that I mind, honestly. Being able to blog in the cool comfort is my ideal dream. And, these pics are pretty much proof, as if they were a modern-day time capsule of Summer 2016. I can just imagine future generations stumbling upon these photos hundreds of years from now -- oh, that would certainly be interesting, wouldn't it?

Anyway, starting with those cute Royal Pains bobble heads. Remember when I blogged about my love of the show? Well, I tweeted my post to the show and they messaged me saying they'd love to send me a prize pack in honor of the end of the show. Lo and behold, these little guys showed up on my doorstep a few weeks ago. They've found a permanent home in our kitchen...

Our library reopened a few months ago after a beautiful remodel and I (finally!) got to see the finished product. It's such a gorgeous place -- all shiny and new -- with huge windows in the lobby that let the light in. Oh, that's me in the second photo, in case you couldn't tell...
As my mom commented on this photo: "Now that's an after-dinner snooze." I'd say that's pretty accurate, don't you think??
We've been playing sooooo many rounds of rummy -- every morning, after lunch and right before dinner. We play in sets of 10,000 points and I've only won ONE set...can you believe that?? That's criminal; I think my mom is stacking the deck or something. She plays all innocent, but something tells me that she's got lots of tricks up her sleeve. As I tell her, she's lucky that I view these games as more of a social occasion, so I don't get too competitive. But, if I was a betting woman, we'd most definitely have some problems on our hands!

And, lastly, a few of Ms. Bear thrown in for good measure -- because she's a natural in front of the camera, don't you think? At 60, she has SO MUCH energy! Far more than both Janelle and I combined, and, honestly, she just puts us to shame sometimes. I often wonder if she'll ever stop or if she'll keep going and going forever, just like the Energizer Bunny. Right now, my money is on that bunny.

How's your summer going, friends? What have you been up to? Have you taken any trips recently? Or, are you more of a summer homebody like I am? Isn't it going FAST?!?!?!? xoxo

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