Friday, July 08, 2016

Have a Happy Weekend

Happy Friday, friends! What a short week it's been. Any special plans for the weekend? We're going out for lunch tomorrow and I'll finally get a chance to see our new library! It opened a few months ago and my mom's so excited to play tour guide and show me all around. I hope you all have a relaxing weekend, and here are my favorite finds from the wonderful Web...

Quiz: How much of a late '90s teen are you?

Good news for CW fans with Netflix!

Have we replaced memories with selfies?

Yup, I've still got mad journalism skills.

Thoughts on the budding romance between Taylor and Tom?

If you're binge-watching Buffy again like me, check out this ranking of every episode.

"How I came into my own after first having sex at age 36"

Loving this cozy engagement shoot set in!

Haha, names for things you didn't know had names.

Found: An easier way to hang art.

What, the Spice Girls are having a reunion?!?!?

Aww, what a romantic proposal.

Whimsical wedding dresses.

To be happier, focus on what makes you miserable.

How cool is this pineapple tumbler?

More pins to love!

Tattly has some awesome butterfly tattoos for summer.

Every top five song, from 1958 to 2016.

Always remember: The Internet doesn't forget.

What new parents want their friends to know.

Most importantly, my heart breaks for Philando Castile, Alton Sterling and everyone in Dallas. This can't go on. Sending love and light...

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[Photo via bippity boppity boo]

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