Friday, July 29, 2016

Have a Fun Weekend

Good day, friends, and happy Friday! How will you be spending the weekend? We're all pretty wiped out from my mom's trip to NYC, so we're looking forward to just hanging out at home and relaxing. Plus, it's less than ONE WEEK until my birthday and you all know that can only mean one thing -- the celebrating has begun! What's the point of a birthday if you don't make it a grand affair? I hope you all have a relaxing weekend, and here are my favorite finds from the wonderful Web...

What's your dominant personality trait?

Why Hillary Clinton is every character in The Baby-Sitters Club!

I bought a couple new ChapStick flavors this week and now I want to buy out the whole site!

It's nice to see Spike still getting the love.

YES! So excited for Wonder Woman next year.

Which TV doctor are you?

An interesting article about full-time freelancing.

Six women with unique careers share their stories.

This is a real man.

Cool -- a Lisa Frank clothing line is coming!

From Twitter crush to cute is this story?

Gosh, I have so much respect for Prince Harry.

Say "Awww!" TV's 22 craziest romantic gestures.

Here's what's coming to Netflix in August.

Five ways to stay mentally strong when you're stressed.

For your inner teen: Fun back-to-school supplies!

"Yes, I have daddy issues. But they've helped me navigate single life"

Dream Job: Wouldn't it be fun to work at BuzzFeed?

Hahaha, these buildings resemble what they sell.

Checklist for Everyday = GOLD.

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